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Economics All Semester Note's PDF File Collections

Principles of Agricultural Economics 

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1. Economics–Definition And Nature, 
2. Agricultural Finance- Nature And Scope, 
3. Scope Of Economics–Divisions Of Economics
4. Economic Systems – Definitions And Characteristics - Capital Economy – Socialist Economy – Mixed Economy
5. Consumption - Theory Of Consumer Behaviour - Utility- Definition And Measurement – Cardinal And Ordinal Approaches – Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility – Graphical Derivation Of Demand Curve
6. Ordinal approach-Indifference curve– characteristics - Budget Line
7. Demand
8. Elasticity of demand
9. Engel’s Law of family expenditure and significance
10. Factors of Production-Land, Labour, Capital,  
12. Graphical derivation of supply from cost curve - - supply schedule – supply curve – Law of supply – elasticity of supply
13. Market, Market structure and Price Determination
14. Factor pricing, rent - Ricardian rent-economic rent – Quasi – rent; Wage– marginal productivity theory of wage; Interest - Liquidity preference theory; Profit –Risk-bearing theory of profit
15. Macro Economics
16. Money – Definition and functions of money; inflation –Consequences and control
17. Public finance - public revenue - public expenditure; taxation -principles of taxation
18. Capital
19. Time Value Of Money

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Production Economics & Farm Management 

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Economics Notes
Production Economics and Farm management 
1. Introduction To farm Management
2. Farm Management Decision
3. Basic Concepts In Farm Management
4. Factor-Product Relationship
5. Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns-LDMR
6. Cost Concepts and Interrelations
7. Economics of Scale
8. Factor-Factor Relationship
9. Expansion Path ridge line and least cost combination of inputs
10. Product-Product Relaltionship
11. Equimarginal Returns and Oppurtunity Cost
12. Concepts of Risk and uncertainty
13. Management of Important Farm Resources
14. Farm Financial Analysis
15. Farm Investment Analysis
16. Farm planning and control
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1. Production Economics and Farm Management - See PDF

Agriculture Marketing and Cooperatives

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Fundamentals of Agri-Business Management 

Entrepreneurship Development 

1. Entrepreneur-Introduction
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Classification of Entrepreneurship
4. Entrepreneurs VS Professional Manager
5. Entrepreneurial Process and Structure
6. Entrepreneurial - business - practices and policies
7. Sources of innovative opportunities
8. Marketing Research
9. Business environment – Micro environment
10. Business environment – Macro environment
11. Entrepreneurial Environment
12. Venture feasibility,
13. Venture feasibility 2 ,
14. Venture feasibility – Technical and Marketing, 
15. Starting new business or buy firms
16. Business strategy - concept - long term and short term focus
17. Business organization
18. Sources of finance and Goverment Policies
19. Venture capital financing - concept, purpose and schemes
20. Role of Financial Institutions
21. Role of Consultancy organisations
22. Capital markets
23. Accounting system and book keeping principles
24. Concepts and conventions of accounting, 
25. Problems in Accounting Systems
26. Setting up a small Industry

Agricultural Finance and Cooperation 

1. Agricultural Finance - Nature And Scope
2. Time Value of Money
3. Agricultural Credit - Meaning, Definition, Need And Classification
4. Credit Analysis
5. Commercial banks
6. Regional Rural banks
7. Crop Insurance
8. Agricultural Cooperation-Philosophy And Principles, Pre-Independence And Post Independence Periods, Cooperation In Different Plan Periods, Cooperative Credit Structure-Pacs, Fscs

'Whole Book's PDF Files'

1.Principle Of Economics - See PDF
2.Fundamentals of Agribusiness Management - See PDF
3.Agricultural Finance and Cooperation - See PDF
4.Agricultural Marketing, Trades and Prices - See PDF
5.Entrepreneurship Developments - See PDF
6.Farm Power and Machinery -See PDF
7.Farm Power and Machinery 2 - See PDF
8.Principles Of Agricultural Economics -See PDF
9.Production Economics and Farm Management -See PDF
10. Farm Structure and Surveying - Click Here.

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