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Biochemistry Note's PDF File Collections


Whole Practical File - See PDF
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Separate PDF File For Separate Chapter 
1. Introduction, Carbohydrates - Importances and Classification, 
2. Monosaccharides, 
3. Disaccharides and Polysaccharides, 
4. Muta-rotation, Optical Activity, Physical Properties of Sugars
5. Lipids, 
6. Plant Fatty Acids,
7. Amino Acids and Proteins,
7. Proteins - 2,
8. Structure of Proteins, 
9. Enzymes, 
9. Mechanism Of Enzyme Action,
10. Apoenzymes, Coenzymes, Cofactors and Isozymes
11. Metabolism of Carbohydrates,
12. Metabolism of Proteins and Amino Acids,
13. Lipases and Phospolipases,
14. Oxidation of Fatty Acids.

1. Whole Book's PDF Files
1.Fundamentals Of Biochemistry - See PDF
2.Elementary Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology - See PDF

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