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AFU, 5th Semester - All Subject's Practicals and Assignments

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Agriculture Marketing and Cooperatives

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Fundamentals of Agri-Business Management 
1. Agribusiness
2. Small Business
3. Management
4. Planning
5. Organization
6. Directing
7. Controlling
8. Production/Operations Management
9. Materials Management
10. Marketing management, 
11. Personnel management
12. Financial management
13. Management Information System (MIS)
14. Government programmes for agribusiness and Regulations
15. Agricultural Inputs And Agroprocessing.

Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices 
1. Introduction
2. Market Structure Conduct and Performance
3. Marketing Channels, Marketing Cost, Marketing Efficiency And Market Integration,
4. Cooperative Agricultural Marketing Institutions
5. Trading and Quality control
6. Warehousing and food Corporation
7. Agricultural Prices And Risk Management

Crop Pests and Stored Grain Pests  and their  Management 

(Economic Entomology)

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Part 1. Short Notes on Insect Pests (Class Notes, AFU)
1. Insects pests of Rice,
2. Insects pests of Wheat,
3. Insects pests of Crucifers,
4. Insects pests of Cucurbits,
5. Insects pests of Solanaceous Crops,
6. Insects pests of Legume, 
7. Insects pests of Maize.
Part 2 - Detailed Notes on Insect Pests
1. Pest of rice, 
2. Pest of rice - 2, 
3. Pest of Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Finger Millet, 
4. Pest of Maize and Wheat, 
5. Pest of Pulses-Black gram, Green gram, Lablab, Cow pea, 
6. Pest of Red gram and Chick pea, 
7. Pests of Mango, 
8. Pests of Brinjal and Tomato, 
9. Pests of Coconut and Arecanut, 
10. Pests of Chillies and Peas
11. Pests of Cruciferous Vegetables, 
12. Pests of Tuber Vegetables, 
13. Pests of Amaranthus and Moringa, 
14. Pests of Pepper, Cardamom, Betelvine, 
15. Pests of Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric, 
16. Pests of Rose and Jasmine, 
17. Pests of Gingelly, Castor, Mustard and Linseed,
18. Pest of Oil Seeds-Ground Nut, Sunflower, Safflower, 
19. Stored grain Pests
20. Pests of Ornamental Plants.

Agricultural Communication 

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Assignment of  Extension Materials - Making Posters, News Story, Bar graph, Pie Chart, Success story, Pictorial, etc (23 Items):-
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Molecular and Population genetics

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Medicinal and Aromatic Crops (MAPs)

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Class Presentation Slide by Asst. Prof Dinesh Bhatta Sir
6. Status, effect and way to reduce climate change impact on MAPs
11. Yoga
13. Aloe
14. Mint
16. Neem
17. Datura
19. Tulsi

Introductory Soil Conservation and Watershed Management

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Seed Technology 

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1. Seed Germination and Factors Affecting Seed Germination - See All PDF File
2. Seed dormancy, Causes of seed dormancy (Factors affecting seed dormancy), Methods to break dormancy - See PDF File
3. Structure of Monocot seed and its Relationship with developing seedlings (of Maize) - See PDF File
Seed dormancyCauses of seed dormancy (Factors affecting seed dormancy), Methods to break dormancy - Click Here.
Seeds and Principles of Seed Technology 
1. Seed Production, 
2. Seed Demand Forecasting And Planning For Certified, Foundation And Breeder Seed Production, 
3. Deterioration of Crop Varieties – Causes and Maintenance, 
4. SSeed Quality,
5. Classes of Seeds, 
6. Seed Production in Maize, 
7. Hybrid Seed Production in Maize, 
8. Seed Production in Paddy, 
9. Hybrid Seed Production in Paddy, 
10. Seed Production in Sorghum, 
11. Hybrid Seed Production in Sorghum, 
12. Seed Production in Pearl Millet, 
13. Seed Production in Cotton, 
14. Seed Production in Sunflower, 
15. Seed Production in Castor, 
Seed Production in Vegetables
16. Seed Production in Vegetables - Tomato, 
17. Seed Production in Vegetables - Chillies, 
18. Seed Production in Vegetables - Bhindi, 
19.  Seed Production in Vegetables - Onion, 
20. Seed Production in Vegetables - Brinjal, 
21. Seed Production of Cucurbitaceous vegetables, 
22 Seed Certification, 
23. Seeds Act and Rules, 
24. Varietal identification, 
25Seed Drying, 
26. Seed Processing, 
27. Seed Treatment, 
28. Seed Storage, 
29. Seed marketing, 
30. Seed Pricing.

Crop Diseases and their Management 

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AFU Complete Class Note: Cereal Crops Diseases and Management by Dr. P. Kishore Varma - Click Here
AFU Complete Class Note: Horticultural Crops Diseases and Management - Click Here
AFU Handwritten Complete Class Note by Bhawana Regmi
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1. Introduction and History of Plant Pathology, 
1. B. Introduction to Plant Pathology- 2,
2. Important plant pathogenic organisms, 
3. General Characters of fungi, 
4. Nomenclature- Classification of Fungi, 
5. Myxomycota, 
6. Eumycota, 
7. Zygomycotina (Mucorales),  
8. Ascomycotina, 
9. Basidiomycotina, 
10. Deuteromycotina, 
11. Prokaryotes, 
12. Plant viruses,
13. Viroids, 
14. Definition and objectives of Plant Pathology, 
15. Terms and concepts in plant pathology, 
16. Phenomenon of infection, 
17. Pathogenesis, 
18. Defense Mechanism in Plants, 
19. Plant Disease Forecasting, 
20. Remote sensing, 
21. General principles of Plant diseases management, 
22. Regulatory methods, 
23. Cultural methods, 
24. Biological control and PGPR, 
25. Physical Methods, 
26. Chemical methods, 
27. Host plant resistance, 
28. Biotechnology in Plant disease management
29. Disease Management by Biotechnological Methods, 
30. Integrated plant disease management,
31. Plant Epidemiology.
Whole Book's PDF Files:-
Plant Pathology Note:- See PDF
Fundamentals of Plant Pathology - See PDF
Principles Of Plant Pathology - See PDF
Principles of Plant Pathology-2- See PDF
Fruit Diseases-1 - See PDF
Fruit Diseases-2 - See PDF
Disease and Management Of Horticultural Crops - See PDF

Principles and Practices of Animal Breeding

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