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Social and Farm Forestry Note's PDF Files Collections

Separate PDF Files for separate lessons.
1. Role of Forests, 
2. Concept of Agroforestry, 
3. Classification of Agroforestry systems, 
4. Agrisilvicultural System, 
4. Agrisilvicultural System -2, 
5. Silvipasture system, 
6. Agrisilvopastural system,
7. Agroforestry Design and Diagnosis, 
8. Role of Trees in Soil Fertility, 
9. Wasteland development, 
10. Silvicultural practices for Teak, Eucalyptus and Tamarind, 
11. Silvicultural practices for Ailanthus, Neem, Pungam and Prosopis, 
12. Silvicultural practices for Casuarina , Silk cotton, Acacias and Bamboos.

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