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Biotechnology Note's PDF File Collections

Principles of Plant Biotechnology 
1. Concepts of Biotechnology, 
2. Tissue culture and its history, 
3. Scope and importance in crop improvement, 
4. Totipotency and Morphogenesis, 
5. Nutritional requirements,
6. Techniques of Invitro cultures, 
7. Micropropagation, 
8. Haploid production and uses, 
9. Ovule culture, 
10. Ovary and embryo culture, 
11. Test tube fertilization, 
12. Endosperm culture, 
13. Factors influencing morphogenesis, 
14. Applications of plant tissue and cells culture techniques, 
15. Somaclonal variation and crop improvement, 
16. Somatic embryogenesis, 
17. Protoplast isolation, 
18. Products of somatic hybrids and cybrids, 
19. Genetic engineering in plants, 
20. Enzymes used in Genetic Engineering, 
21. Vectors:The carriers of DNA molecules, 
22. Gene cloning, 
23. Gene delivery methods in plants, 
24. Transgenic plants and their applications, 
25. Blotting techniques, 
26. DNA finger printing, 
27. DNA markers in plant genome analysis, 
28. QTL mapping, 
29. Marker assisted selection and Crop improvement.

Whole Note's PDF Files
1. Introduction, History, Fields of Biotechnology - See PDF
2. Biotechnology in Nepal - Current Activities and Future Scope - See PDF
3. Genetic engineeering , Restriction enzymes - See PDF
4. Gene cloning vectors, Methods of gene cloning - See PDF
5. Plant tissue culture - Introduction, History, Basic steps - See PDF
6. Applications of Tissue culture in crop improvement - See PDF

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