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Entomology All Semester Note's PDF File Collections

Introductory Entomology

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Agricultural pest insects (Common Name, Scientific Name, Order, Family & Crops Affected) And Other Beneficial Insects - Click Here

Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Including Beneficial Insects 

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1. Principles of Applied Entomology, 
2. Bee Keeping-Management, 
3. Role Of Honey Bees In Cross Pollination, 
4. Bee Products-Their Properties And Use, 
5. Effect of agricultural inputs on bee activity–Pesticide poisoning, 
6. Role of pollinators, weed killers and other beneficial insects, 
7. Insect ecology and balance of life, 
8. Population dynamics and role of biotic factors, 
9. Abiotic factors on insect population, 
10. Pest-Definition, Categories, Causes For Outbreak, Losses Caused By Pests, 
11. Pest Monitoring - Pest Surveillance And Forecasting - Objectives, Survey, Sampling, Techniques And Decision Making - Etl And Eil. Factors Influencing Eil And Etl, 
12. Pest Management, 
13. Traditional Methods of Pest Control, 
14. Legal Control Methods, 
15. Host Plant Resistance (HPR), 
16. Biological control, 
17. Chemical Control, 
18. Pesticides Classification, 
19. Pheromones, 
20. Sterility method, 
21. Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs), 
22. Method of Pesticide Application, 
23. Pesticide Compatibility, 
24. Impact Of Global Warming On Pests, 
25. Integrated Pest Management, 
25. B. Integrated Pest Management -2, 
26. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for Rice, 
27. Biotechnology in Pest Management.
IPM Note 
Chemical Method Of Pest Management, History Of Pesticides, Insecticides (Classification), Major International Convention Related To Hazardous Chemical Pesticide, Bio-Technological Method, etc. - See PDF File

Crop Pests and Stored Grain Pests  and their  Management (Economic Entomology)

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Part 1. Short Notes on Insect Pests (Class Notes, AFU)
1. Insects pests of Rice,
2. Insects pests of Wheat,
3. Insects pests of Crucifers,
4. Insects pests of Cucurbits,
5. Insects pests of Solanaceous Crops,
6. Insects pests of Legume, 
7. Insects pests of Maize.
Part 2 - Detailed Notes on Insect Pests
1. Pest of rice, 
2. Pest of rice - 2, 
3. Pest of Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Finger Millet, 
4. Pest of Maize and Wheat, 
5. Pest of Pulses-Black gram, Green gram, Lablab, Cow pea, 
6. Pest of Red gram and Chick pea, 
7. Pests of Mango, 
8. Pests of Brinjal and Tomato, 
9. Pests of Coconut and Arecanut, 
10. Pests of Chillies and Peas
11. Pests of Cruciferous Vegetables, 
12. Pests of Tuber Vegetables, 
13. Pests of Amaranthus and Moringa, 
14. Pests of Pepper, Cardamom, Betelvine, 
15. Pests of Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric, 
16. Pests of Rose and Jasmine, 
17. Pests of Gingelly, Castor, Mustard and Linseed,
18. Pest of Oil Seeds-Ground Nut, Sunflower, Safflower, 
19. Stored grain Pests
20. Pests of Ornamental Plants.

Agricultural Pest Insects 
Common Name, Scientific Name, Order, Family and Crops Affected) And Other Beneficial Insects - Click Here

Whole Note's PDF Files

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Entomology and Acarology - See PDF
Parasitology - See PDF
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The insects an outline of entomology - See PDF
Fundamentals of Entomology - See PDF
Introductory Entomology- See PDF
Introductory Nematology 2 - See PDF
Insect ecology and IPM - See PDF
Insect Morphology and  Systematics - See PDF
Nematode Pests and Management - See PDF
Introductory Entomology- See PDF
Introductory Nematology 2 See PDF

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