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Day 2, Monday, Mangsir 13, Practice Set of Daily Most VVI MCQs Practice Session!

Below, we have collected VVI 20 Questions for Today's Practice. Practice Daily now in Help For Ag App, the Most Important MCQs, and boost your knowledge. Tick your preferred option, Green color highlighting indicates the correct answer whereas red indicates the wrong one. This session continues from Mangsir 12 to the date of entrance exams, you will get new 20 VVI MCQs daily. So keep checking in the Help For Ag App in the same place for New Set daily.

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1. Totipotent cells of porifera are

2. Sea mice is example of

3. Which of the following cells during gametogenesis is normally diploid?

4. Wings of pigeon, mosquito and bat shows

5. Humulin is _________.

6. The process of removal of anther from the flower bud before it dehisces is called as?

7. The mutation (mechanism of origin of variations) was suggested by

8. The term ecosystem was coined by

9. Which one of these is an in-situ method of conservation?

10. The activation energy of a reaction is dependent on:

11. Milk is an example of:

12. Two unlike charges attract each other with a force of 10N. If the distance between them is doubled, the force between them is :

13. Two streams of electrons are moving parallel to each other in the same direction. They _____

14. When petrol drops from a vehicle fall over rain water on road surface, colours are seen because of:

15. The process of photoelectric emission depends on

16. The first component of all ordered pairs is called

17. A bag contains 12 balls out of which x are white.If one ball is drawn at random, what is the probability it will be a white ball?

18. Murrah is the breed of

19. Current Dean of Ag Faculty in AFU is

20. All of them are parthenocarpic except

Correct Answers List 
1. A
2. C
3. C 
6. D 
7. D 
8. A 
9. B 
10. D 
11. A 
12. D 
13. A 
14. A 
15. B 
16. D 
17. C 
18. A 
19. D 
20. B

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