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AFU Rampur BSc Ag 2077 Entrance Exam Real Question Paper with Answers.

Below, we have collected AFU BSc Ag 2077 Entrance Exam Questions. These are collected from REAL Question Paper, so look at these questions and prepare accordingly for 2078 Entrance Exams.


Questions from 1 to 4 Number are from English Passage and we have uploaded the questions from 5 only.

5. I work hard and ........... Ritesh.
a. so does
b. does so
c. such does
d. does too
Ans: A

6. He said to her, "don't read so fast." The indirect form is:
a. he told her not read so fast
b. he advised her not to read so fast
c. he requested to her don't read so fast
d. he asked her not to read so fast 
Ans: A

7. There is a boy painting the wall, ............?
a. isn't it
b. isn't she
c. isn't there
d. isn't cow

8. The accused ........ to the judge for mercy.
a. asked
b. appealed
c. applied
d. demanded
Ans: B

9. We are now confident ............ winning the match.
a. to
b. in
c. of
d. into
Ans: C

10. He has given ............ bad habits.
a. for
b. in
c. up
d. to
Ans: D

11. The meaning of 'To get into hot water" is:
a. to be impatient
b. to suffer a huge financial loss
c. to get into trouble
d. to be in a confused state of mind
Ans: C

12. The synonym of "LETHAL" is:
a. dreary
b. dreadful
c. deadly
d. strange
Ans: C

13. The girl walks as if she:
a. studies modeling
b. studied modeling
c. had studied modeling
d. has studied modeling

14. The alternative of "He asked me if he did shut the window" is:
a. should shut the window
b. may shut the window
c. will shut the window
d. do shut the window
Ans: A

15. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word "BRIEF".
a. limited
b. small
c. little
d. short
Ans: D

16. We ate ............ wonderful meal yesterday.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article
Ans: A

17. The plural form of "louse" is:
a. louses
b. lice
c. lices
d. none
Ans: B

18. You need a ....... to run a business.
a. lease
b. lisense
c. lisence
d. license
Ans: D

19. Each of the mistakes:
a. has been corrected
b. have been corrected
c. are being corrected
d. were being corrected

20. The man talked about the match as though
a. had taken
b. took
c. takes
d. will take

21. Fear of height is called:
a. nyctophobia
b. heightophobia
c. ergophobia
d. acrophobia
Ans: D


22. In the reaction given in the photo below
a. MnO4- and H+ both are reduced
b. MnO4- is reduced and H+ is oxidized
c. MnO4- is reduced and SO3 2- is oxidized
d. MnO4- is oxidized and SO3 2- is reduced
Ans: C

23. Phenol is treated with bromine water and shaken well to give a white precipitate of:
a. 2,4,6-tribromophenol
b. 2,4-dibromophenol
c. 1-bromophenol
d. mixture of o-, p-bromophenol
Ans: A

24. If the temperature is doubled and pressure is halved, the volume of gas is:
a. constant
b. half
c. double
d. quadruple
Ans: D

25. The process of conversion of liquid into vapor is:
a. melting
b. freezing
c. evaporation
d. condensation
Ans: C

26. The permanent hardness of water is removed by:
a. boiling
b. passing through permutit
c. adding lime
d. chlorination
Ans: B

27. IUPAC name of compound (CH3)3CCOOH is:
a. 2-mehtylpropanoic acid
b. 2,2-dimethlypropanoic acid
c. pentanoic acid
d. methylbutanoic acid
Ans: B

28. When phenolphthalein indicator is kept in NaOH (base), its colour is: 
a. colourless 
b. green 
c. blue 
d. pink 
Ans: D

29. Which of the following substances is a good conductor of heat and electricity? 
a. Dimond 
b. NaCl (solid) 
c. Graphite 
d. None of the above 
Ans: C

30. According to Faraday's first law of electrolysis, the mass of anion liberated is equal to: 
a. Zc 
b. ZQ 
c. Zet 
d. Zet/nf 
Ans: B

31. Iodine is titrated with ..................... using a starch indicator. 
a. silver nitrate 
b. sodium thiosulphate 
c. potassium permanganate 
d. potassium iodide 
Ans: B

32. Buffer solution works on the basis of: 
a. solubility product principle 
b. law of mass action 
c. kinetics of the reaction 
d. common ion effect 

33. The osmosis taking place from solution to pure water by application of pressure greater than osmotic pressure on the solution is: 
a. equilibrium osmosis 
b. irreversible osmosis  
c. normal osmosis 
d. reverse osmosis 
Ans: D

34. Dehydration of alcohol is an example of: 
a. addition reaction 
b. substitution 
c. elimination 
d. re-arrangement 
Ans: C

35. Among the following, the strongest acid is: 
Ans: C

36. Silver nitrate is also called: 
a. silver glance 
b. horn silver 
c. lunar caustic
d. ruby silver 
Ans: C

37. The volume of water to be added to 25 ml of a 4N HCl solution to obtain 1N solution is: 
a. 25 ml 
b. 50 ml 
c. 75 ml 
d. 100 ml 

38. 0.53 g of Na2CO3 is added to 5 ml of 2N acid. The resulting mixture is: 
a. acidic 
b. basic 
c. slightly acidic 
d. neutral 

39. The number of valency electrons in a carbon atom (Z = 6) is: 
a. 0 
b. 2 
c. 4 
Ans: C

40. Which of the following element is the most metallic? 
a. Pb 
b. As 
c. Sb 
d. Bi 
Ans: D

41. Use of hot air balloons is an application of: 
a. Boyle's law 
b. Charle's law 
c. Dalton's law 
d. Grahm's law 
Ans: A

42. Aerobic decomposition of organic matter, i.e. glucose by bacteria in water sediments produces: 
a. propene 
b. methane 
c. ethane 
d. butane 


43. In the Doppler effect, the frequency depends on: 
a. velocity of sound 
b. the velocity of the source 
c. velocity of listener 
d. all of the above
Ans: D

44. The Young's Modulus for a perfectly rigid body is: 
a. zero 
b. infinity 
c. unity 
d. finite 
Ans: B

45. A liquid is placed in a graduated glass cylinder. The coefficient of real expansion of the liquid is thrice that of linear expansion of the glass. On heating the level of liquid will: 
a. first decreases then increase 
b. decreases 
c. increases 
d. approximately remains the same 
Ans: D

46. The rate of heat loss from a hot body depends on the: 
a. temperature of the body 
b. the thermal capacity of the body 
c. excess temperature of the body over the surrounding 
d. the temperature of the surrounding 
Ans: C

47. Two straight parallel conductors carrying current in opposite directions: 
a. attract each other 
b. repel each other 
c. do not experience any force 
d. none of the above 
Ans: B

48. Which of the following represents the correct dimensions of the coefficient of viscosity?
a. M L-1 T-2 
b. M L T-1 
c. M L-1 T-1 
d. M L2 T-2
Ans: C

49. First law of thermodynamics is a consequence of the conversion of 
a. energy 
b. charge 
c. heat 
d. all of the above 
Ans: A

50. Thermocouple thermometer is based on the principle of: 
a. Seeback effect 
b. Peltier effect 
c. Joule's effect 
d. Thomson's effect 
Ans: A

51. A box weighing 30 kg is pushed along the floor at a constant speed by applying horizontal force. If the coefficient of sliding friction is 0.2, then the force applied is: 
a. 6 N 
b. 12 N 
c. 60 N 
d. 240 N 
Ans: C

52. The average translational kinetic energy of a molecule is given: 
а. 1.5 KT 
b. 1.5 RT 
c. 0.5 KT
d. 0.5 RT
Ans: A

53. When a particle and its antiparticle are annihilated, the energy release is E. What is the mass of each particle?
a. E / c^2
b. E / 2c
c. E / 2 c^2
d. E / c
Ans: C

54. Which of the following is not a unit of length? 
a. radian 
b. angstrom 
c. light year 
d. micron
Ans: A

55. An equi-convex lens has a power of 5 Dioptre. If it is made of glass with a refractive index of 1.5. What is the radius of curvature of each surface? 
a. 30 cm 
b. 20 cm 
c. 16 cm 
d. 10 cm 
Ans: B

56. A dynamo: 
a. creates mechanical energy 
b. creates electrical energy
c. converts mechanical to electrical energy 
d. converts electrical to mechanical energy 
Ans: C

57. The source of a magnetic field is: 
a. an isolated magnetic pole 
b. static electric charge 
c. magnetic substances 
d. current loop 
Ans: D


58. Middle lamella contains:
a. chitin 
b. pectin 
c. lignin 
d. cellulose
Ans: B

59. DNA replicates during:
a. S-phase 
b. prophase 
c. G1 phase 
d. G2 phase 
Ans: A

60. Agar-agar is obtained from: 
a. gellidium
b. chlamydomonas 
c. volvox 
d. ulothrix 
Ans: A

61. Stem of ginger is: 
a. rhizoid 
b. pulp 
c. rhizome 
d. corm 
Ans: C

62. The term aestivation refers to: 
a. arrangement of leaf 
b. arrangement of sepals 
c. arrangement of petals
d. both b and c 
Ans: D

63. Point mutation involves 
a. insertion 
b. duplication 
c. deletion 
d. change in single base pair 
Ans: D

64. Phytohormone delaying senescence is: 
a. auxin 
b. cytokinin 
c. ethylene 
d. gibberellin 
Ans: B

65. The stalk bearing an inflorescence is called: 
a. peduncle 
b. pedicle 
c. petiole 
d. rachis 
Ans: A

66. The most abundant carbohydrate in plants is: 
a glucose 
b. sucrose 
c. starch 
d. cellulose 
Ans: D

67. Vegetative propagation in onion is carried out through: 
a. tuber 
b. corm 
c. bulbil 
d. bulb 
Ans: D

68. Which cell organelle is called the powerhouse of the cell? 
a. chloroplast 
b.golgi body 
c. mitochondria 
d. endoplasmic reticulum 
Ans: C

69. Chloroplast is the center of: 
a. fat synthesis 
b. sugar synthesis 
c. RNA synthesis 
d. protein synthesis 
Ans: B

70. In angiosperms, the xylem is made of: 
a. tracheids and fibres 
b. tracheids and vessels 
c. vessels and fibers 
d. all of the above 
Ans: D

71. The alcoholic fermentation is carried by the yeast known as: 
a. Wilmot cerevisiae 
b. Saccharomyces cerevisiae 
c. Lactobacillus acidophilus 
d. Lactobacillus cerevisiae 
Ans: B

72. Nitrogen-fixing algae comes under: 
a. blue-green algae 
b. green algae 
c. red algae 
d. brown algae 
Ans: A

73. The edible portion of coconut is: 
a. endosperm 
b. mesocarp 
c. seed coat 
d. pericarp 
Ans: A

74. Grafting cannot be done in monocots because they: 
a. lack cambium 
b. triple fusion 
c. have parallel vascular bundles 
d. embryogeny 
Ans: A

75. Which carbon pathway is used by sugarcane during photosynthesis? 
a. C3 
b. C4 
c. C5 
d. C2
Ans: B

76. What is the conservation process of conserving genetic resources in gene banks? 
a. ex-situ 
b. in-situ 
c. both 
d. none of the above 
Ans: A

77. When phloem is present on both sides of the xylem, the vascular bundle is said to be: 
a. collateral 
b. bicollateral 
c. radial 
d. conjoint 
Ans: B

78. A monocot angiosperm has: 
a. tap root 
b. corolla in sets of five 
c. scattered vascular bundles 
d. six groups of xylem 


79. A species is produced by the loss or disappearance of a few characters found in the parent. It is termed as: 
a. progressive species 
b. retrogressive species 
C. successive species 
d. digressive species 
Ans: B

80. Mammary glands consist of: 
a. sweat glands 
b. sebaceous glands 
c. alveolar glands 
d. oil glands 
Ans: A

81. Suppose you felt an earthquake, which of the sense organs was involved: 
a. proprioceptors 
b. skin of your sole 
c. eye 
d. ear 
Ans: D

82. Origin of life took place in: 
a. precambrian 
b. coenozoic
c. mesozoic 
d. palaeozoic 
Ans: A

83. The simplest amino acid is: 
a. trytophan 
b. histidine 
c. glycine 
d. phenylalanine 
Ans: C

84. What is studied under chondrology? 
a. tendon 
b. cartilages 
c. bone 
d. muscle 
Ans: B

85. Cephalopoda is a class of animals in which: 
a. head is located on foot 
b. foot is located on head 
c. head is fuse to thorax 
d. all of the above 
Ans: B

86. Lysosome contain an enzyme which is: 
a. hydrolytic 
b. oxidative 
c. reductive 
d. proteolytic
Ans: A

87. Cytology and histology combined are called: 
a. microbiology 
b. microtomy 
c. microanatomy 
d. all of the above 

88. For completing the life cycle tapeworm requires: 
a. snail 
b. pig
c. man 
d. none of the above 
Ans: B

89. Soundbox in birds is known as: 
a. larynx 
b. syrinx 
c. synsarum 
d. pygostyle 
Ans: B

90. The number of vertebrae in the human body is: 
a. 28 
b. 30 
c. 33 
d. 37 
Ans: C

91. The endocrine part of the pancreas is known as: 
a. crypts of Lieberkuhn 
b. islets of Langerhans
c. peyer's patches
d. acini 
Ans: B

92. The invertebrate without neuron is: 
a. hydra 
b. planaria 
c. sponge 
d. earthworm 
Ans: C

93. Which of the following has a three-chambered heart? 
a. frog 
b. snake 
c. crocodile 
d. lizard 
Ans: D

94. The liver stores food in the form of: 
a. glucose 
b. glycogen 
c. albumen 
d. ATP 
Ans: B

95. Bats can fly in the dark because 
a. the pupils of their eyes are very big 
b. they have a better vision in dark 
c. they are guided by ultrasonic waves produced by them 
d. any bird can do so 
Ans: C

96. Male frogs can croak louder than females because of: 
a. larger size 
b. larger soundbox 
c. stronger built 
d. vocal sacs 
Ans: D

97. Oxytocin hormone is secreted by: 
a. adrenal gland 
b. thyroid gland 
c. ovaries 
d. pituitary gland 
Ans: D

98. What was the most significant trend in the evolution of modern man (Homo sapiens) from his ancestors? 
a. binocular vision 
b. upright posture 
c. shortening of jaws 
d. increasing brain capacity 
Ans: D

99. Chlorofluorocarbon are non-flammable chemicals mainly used in: 
a. perfumes 
b. refrigerators 
c. air conditioners 
d. all of the above 
Ans: D


100. Set 'A' has 3 elements and set 'B' has 6 elements, then the minimum number of elements in A U B are: 
a. 3 
b. 9 
c. 6 
d. 0 
Ans: C

101. There are 5 subjects in an examination. In how many ways may a student fail? 
a. 16 
b. 31 
c. 32 
d. 18 
Ans: B

102. The number of circles of a given radius that touches both of the axes is: 
a. 3 
b. 4
c. 1 
d. 2
Ans: B

103. The equation Sinx + Cosx = 2 has: 
a. finite solution 
b. infinite solution 
c. unique solution 
d. no solution 
Ans: D

104. If a, b and care three reals such that a<b and b<c then a<c is true. This property is said to be: 
a. multiplicative 
b. additive 
c. transitive 
d. trichotomy 

a. coty 
b. tany
c. secy 
d. secy 

106. If a, b, c are in GP, then loga, logb, logc are in: 
a. HP 
b. AP 
c. GP 
d. none of the above 
Ans: B

107. The equation of line passes through the point (3, 2) and perpendicular to the line y = x is:
a. y = x 
b.y + x = 5 
c. y +x=1 
d. x - y = 1 
Ans: B

108. The maximum value of the function f(x) = x (x-1)^2 is: 
a. O 
b. 4/27 
c. -4 
d. 27/4 

109. The sum of three cube roots of unity is: 
a. O 
b. 1
c. i 
d. - i
Ans: A



a. 2 
b. 4 
c. -1 
d. -2 

112. The area between two curves y=x and y=x^2 is: 
a. 1/6 sq. units 
b. 1/4 sq. units 
c. 4 sq. units 
d. 6 sq. units
Ans: A

113. The differential coefficient of sinx with respect to tanx is: 
a. cos x. sec^2 x 
b. - sinx
c. sec^2 x
d. cos x

114. If |2x + 5| 3, then: 
a. 1 ≤ x ≤ 4 
b. -3 ≤ x ≤ 3 
C. -4 ≤ x ≤ 1 
d. -4 ≤ x ≤ 1 
Ans: A


115. Which crop occupies the highest cultivated area in the mid-hills of Nepal? 
a. rice 
b. wheat 
c. maize 
d. millet 
Ans: B

116. The national rice day is celebrated every year in Nepal on: 
a. 15th Jestha 
b. 1st Ashad 
c. 15th Ashad 
d. 1st Shrawan 
Ans: C

117. The enzyme responsible for the fixation of CO2 in the crops is known as: 
d. none of the above 
Ans: A

118. Which of the following is NOT the greenhouse gas responsible for global warming? 
a. carbon dioxide 
b. methane 
c. nitrogen 
d. nitrous oxide 
Ans: C

119. The full form of PCR is: 
a. polythene chain record 
b. polymerase chain report 
c. polymerase cycle reaction 
d. polymerase chain reaction 
Ans: D

120. Nepal defeated Bangladesh to win three nations cup on 29th March, 2021 by the score: 
a. 3 > 1 
b. 2 > 1 
c. 2 > 0
d. 3 > 0
Ans: B

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