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How to get Scholarship in KAFCOL for BSc Forestry from MOE, Nepal Government?

Yes, you heard it true, you can get scholarships in Private Colleges like KAFCOL or any other Private colleges of Nepal.

Every Private College of AFU, TU, PU should provide 10% seats to students with a full scholarship. So KAFCOL has a total of 50 seats and 5 students will be provided full scholarship by the Nepal government. 

Remember, every private college (i.e. for Ag, Vet, Forestry) will and must provide these free scholarship seats and the notices of all colleges will be published in our App. This is a golden opportunity to study on Scholarships in private colleges and it's totally free seats. Any student either from government or private school can apply for these seats if you have passed BSc Forestry, IOF TU Entrance exam (Scored more than 40 marks).

Remember, each and every private college of TU/AFU has these scholarship seats. So keep checking our App for notices and don't forget to fill out the scholarship form in Private colleges too.

To Get scholarships in Private Colleges, you must have appeared in the University Entrance Exams with pass marks. To get a Scholarship in KAFCOL, you should have passed the IOF, TU BSc Forestry Entrance Exams. You can apply for these Scholarship Seats. The students with the higher scores in IOF TU Entrance Exam applying for a Private College scholarship will get the opportunity to study in Private colleges.
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