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Animal Science (LPM) Notes

Introductory Animal Science

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LPM, BSc. Ag 1st Semester (Sir Notes)
1. Introduction and Scope
2. Terminology
3. Layers and Loafers
4. Feeding of Farm Animals
5. Common Animal Diseases
6. External Body Parts
7. Care and Management of Calf
8. Barn Sanitation and Disinfection
9. Breeds of
a. Cattle
b. Goat
c. Pig
d. Buffalo
d. Buffalo-2
10. Housing of Farm Animals and Poultry
11. Local Vs Exotic Breeds
12. Ruminant Vs Non-Ruminant
13. Zoological Classification of Some Animals.
Whole Book's PDF Files
1. Livestock Production And Management- See PDF
2. Vet 1st Semester- LPM- See PDF
3. Livestock Production And Management LPM BSc Ag 1st Semester - See PDF
4. 1st Semester - Livestock Production - Breeds Of Buffalo, Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Poultry-See PDF 

Introduction - Livestock Production and Management 

1. Introduction, 
2. Systems of Livestock Production, 
3. Integrated farming system – (IFS), 
4. Definition of breed-classification of indigenous, exotic cattle and buffaloes, 
5. Cross breeding, 
6. Housing management, 
7. Systems of housing, 
8. Care and management of new born calf and heifers, 
9. Care and management of pregnant, lactating animals and work bullocks, 
10. Care and management of Ram, Ewe, Lamb,
11. Care and management of Buck, Doe, Kid,
12. Care and management of Sow, Boar and Piglets,
13. Care and management of day old chicks - Brooder Management
14. Care and management of layers, 
15. Care and management of broilers,
16. Milk, 
17. Processing of milk, 
18. Nutrition, 
19. Requirement and importance of green fodder, 
20. Diseases-Classification,
21. Viral Diseases
22. Zoonotic diseases, 
23. Sheep and goat, 
24. Systems of rearing-Sheep and goat,  
25. Common ailments of sheep and goat, 
26. Swine Husbandry, 
27. Classification of poultry, 
28. Systems of housing-Poultry, 
29. Raised Platform housing, 
30. Poultry Nutrition, 
31. Feed Conversion Ratio, 
32. Classification of Poultry diseases, 
33. Bacterial diseases

Ruminant Production

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Whole Practical File (Handwritten)- See PDF
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Animal Science - LPM Notes
Livestock Production and Management 
1. Introduction, 
2. Systems of Livestock Production, 
3. Integrated farming system – (IFS), 
4. Definition of breed-classification of indigenous, exotic cattle and buffaloes, 
5. Cross breeding, 
6. Housing management, 
7. Systems of housing, 
8. Care and management of new born calf and heifers, 
9. Care and management of pregnant, lactating animals and work bullocks, 
10. Care and management of Ram, Ewe, Lamb,
11. Care and management of Buck, Doe, Kid,
12. Milk, 
13. Processing of milk.
Whole Book's PDF Files
1.Ruminant Production - See PDF

Pig and Poultry

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Class Notes
1. Introduction, Scope and Constraints
2. Terminologies
3. Importances
4. Marketing and Transportation
5. Bio-security for Poultry
5.B. Biosecurity Poultry 
6. Chicken Breeds 
6. B. Chicken Breeds 2
7. Culling and Selection
8. Egg
9. Grading Egg
10. From Egg to Chicken
11. Brooding and Rearing

Principles and Practices of Animal Breeding

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Fodder Cultivation and Pasture Management

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1. Forages - See PDF

2. Forage conservation - See PDF
3. Factors Affecting Forage Quality - See PDF
4. Fodder Production and Pasture Management - See PDF
5. Pasture Ecology - See PDF

Introductory Dairy Science

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AFU Complete Class Note - Click Here
AFU Past Complete Class Note 2 - Click Here
Physiochemical Properties of MILK, Extra Class Note by Sir - Click Here
Preparation of Dairy Products Flowchart - Click Here

Veterinary Epidemiology

Analytical Epidemiology 1 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 2 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 3 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 4 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 5 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 6 - See PDF
Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices For Small Animal Veterinary Clinics - See PDF
Veterinary Entomology - See PDF
Analytical Product Technology Tour Report - See PDF


Entomology 1 - See PDF
Entomology and Acarology - See PDF
Parasitology - See PDF
Veterinary Entomology - See PDF
Veterinary Entomology 2 - See PDF
Veterinary Entomology 3- See PDF
The insects an outline of entomology - See PDF

Veterinary Chemotherapy

Antibiotics - See PDF
Cephalosporin - See PDF
Sulpha Drugs - See PDF
Sulpha Drugs 2 - See PDF
Tetracyclins and aminoglycosides - See PDF
Macrolides and lincosamides - See PDF
Timulin and Rifamycin - See PDF
CloramphenicolSee PDF
Anti Cancer DrugsSee PDF
GriseofulvinSee PDF
AmphotericinSee PDF
Flucytosine - ChemotherapySee PDF
Ketoconazole See PDF
Levamisole See PDF
Oxyclozanide See PDF
Ectoparasiticides See PDF
Antiseptics and Disinfectants See PDF
Carbamate See PDF
Organophosphorous poisoning See PDF
Herbicides See PDF
Rodenticide See PDF
Toxicology of venomous and stings See PDF
Arsenic and Lead See PDF

Veterinary Microbiology

Streptococcus - See PDF
The genus Spherophorus - See PDF
Bacillus (Bacillaceae) - See PDF
Escherichia coli - See PDF
Rickettsia, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Legionella, and Gardnerella - See PDF
Veterinary Microbiology Full Book- See PDF
Veterinary Microbiology Full Book 2- See PDF

Whole Book's PDF Files:-

1.B.V.Sc and A.H. Bulletin AFU - See PDF
2.Livestock Production And Management- See PDF
3.Vet 1st Semester- LPM- See PDF
4.Livestock Production And Management LPM BSc Ag 1st Semester - See PDF
5.1st Semester - Livestock Production-Breeds Of Buffalo, Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Poultry-See PDF
6.Ruminant Production 2nd Semester Ag- See PDF
7.Pig and Poultry 3rd Semester- Bsc Ag- See PDF
8.Veterinary Gross Anatomy 1- See PDF
9.Veterinary Developmental Anatomy - See PDF
10.Veterinary Drugs - See PDF
11.Animal Breeding and Genetics -See PDF
12.Small Ruminants Management Techniques - See PDF
13.Anatomy And Physiology Of Farm Animals - See PDF
14.Reproductive Physiology Of Animals - See PDF
15.Animal Nutrition - See PDF
16.Applied Animal Endocrinology - See PDF
17.Ruminant Physiology - See PDF
18.Anatomy And Physiology 2 - See PDF
19.Veterinary Gross Anatomy 1- See PDF
20.Veterinary-Statistics - See PDF
21.Ruminant Nutrition and Production - See PDF
22.Reproductive Physiology Of Mammals - See PDF
23.Veterinary Anatomy Education In Abroad- See PDF
24.Effect Of Transportation And Pre-Slaughter Handling On Welfare And Meat Quality-See PDF
25.Veterinary Handbook- See PDF
26.Veterinary ParasitologySee PDF
27.Veterinary Parasitology Part 2- See PDF
28.Veterinary Drugs - See PDF
29.Vet-Textbook Of Computer Applications And Biostatistics- See PDF
30.Statistics For Veterinary And Animal Science-See PDF
31.Nutrient Contents Of Feeds And Fodder In Nepal-See PDF
32.Veterinary Microbiology - See PDF
33.Veterinary Entmology and Parasitology-See PDF
34.Small Ruminant Production- See PDF
35.Principles And Practices For Sustainable Dairy Farming- See PDF
36.Veterinary Pathology- See PDF
37.Animal Physiology - See PDF
38.Animal Diets And Feed Management- See PDF
39.Veterinary Anatomy- See PDF
40.Veterinary Epidemiology- See PDF
41.Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics - See PDF
42.Clinical Biochemistry Of Domestic Animals - See PDF
44.Veterinary Developmental Anatomy - See PDF
45.Veterinary Drugs - See PDF
46. Foot and Mouth Disease - See PDF
47. Pharm--Color Atlas of Pharmacology - See PDF
48. Protozoology - See PDF
49. Environmental Hygiene  - See PDF
50. Ectoparasiticides - See PDF

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