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Agronomy All Semester Note's PDF File Collections

Introductory Agronomy

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Notes - Separate PDF files for separate lessons.
1. Irrigation-Introduction and Importance
2. Role of Water in Plant Growth
3. Soil Water Movement
4. Soil Moisture Measurement
5. Moisture Extraction Pattern Of Crops
6. Crop water Requirement
7. Water requirements for different crops
8. Water budgeting
9. Water Use Efficiency
10. Agronomic Practices For Use Of Problem Water - Saline, Effluent, Sewage Water
11. Water Management For Problem Soils
12. Water Management Technology Options for Non-Rice Crops
13. Command Area Development
14. Water Logging And Field Drainage
15. Drip Irrigation And Fertigation
16. Sprinkler Irrigation
17. Plastic Mulching For Crop Production
18. Methods Of Irrigation - Suitability, Advantages And Limitations.

Cereal crops

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All About Rice.
1.A. Rice - Worldwide, 
1. B. Rice Varietal Mapping - See PDF File
1. D. Video on Detail Explanation of Botany of Rice:-
1. E. Diseases and Management of Rice, 
1. F. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for Rice.
Field Crops -1 Including  Cereal Crops See All PDF 
2. Maize- Worldwide, 
2. B. Everything about Maize in Nepal - See PDF File
3. Wheat and Barley, 
4. Oats, Rye and Triticale, 
5. Sorghum and Pearl Millet, 
6. Pearlmillet,
7. Finger Millet.
8. Diseases and Management of Sorghum, 
9. Diseases and Management of Wheat, 
10. Diseases and Management of Pearlmillet, 
11. Diseases and Management of Maize, 
Practical crop production 
Lessons - Irrigated puddled lowland rice, any irrigated dry crop (maize, sorghum, pearl millet, fingermillet, cotton, groundnut, sunflower, sesame)See All PDF files
Disease of Field Crop and their Management 
1. Diseases and Management of Rice, 
1. B. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for Rice, 
2. Diseases and Management of Sorghum, 
3. Diseases and Management of Wheat, 
4. Diseases and Management of Pearlmillet, 
5. Diseases and Management of Maize, 
6. Diseases and Management of Sugarcane, 
7. Diseases and Management of Tobacco, 
8. Diseases and Management of Turmeric, 
9. Diseases and Management of Groundnut, 
10. Diseases and Management of Sesamum, 
11. Diseases and Management of Cotton, 
12. Diseases and Management of Castor,  
13. Diseases and Management of Black gram, 
14. Diseases and Management of Bengal Gram
15. Diseases and Management of Soyabean
Practical crop production I and II 
Lessons - Irrigated puddled lowland rice, any irrigated dry crop (maize, sorghum, pearl millet, fingermillet, cotton, groundnut, sunflower, sesame)See All PDF files

Grain Legumes and Oil Seed crops

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1. Oil seeds and their importance
2. Groundnut,
3. Sesame-Sesamum indicum

4. Sunflower - Helianthus annuus
5. Rapeseed - Mustard, 
6. Safflower, 
7. Castor
8. Linseed
9. Niger, 
10. Sugarcane, 
11. Tropical Sugarbeet,  
12. Fiber, 
12. Cotton
13. Jute, 
14. Mesta, 
15. Tobacco.
16. Pest of Oil Seeds - Ground Nut, Sunflower, Safflower
17. Stored grain Pests                             

Diseases and Management of Cotton. 

Seed Technology 

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1. Seed Germination and Factors Affecting Seed Germination - See All PDF File
2. Seed dormancy, Causes of seed dormancy (Factors affecting seed dormancy), Methods to break dormancy - See PDF File
3. Structure of Monocot seed and its Relationship with developing seedlings (of Maize) - See PDF File
Seed dormancyCauses of seed dormancy (Factors affecting seed dormancy), Methods to break dormancy - Click Here.
Seeds and Principles of Seed Technology 
1. Seed Production, 
2. Seed Demand Forecasting And Planning For Certified, Foundation And Breeder Seed Production, 
3. Deterioration of Crop Varieties – Causes and Maintenance, 
4. Seed Quality,
5. Classes of Seeds, 
6. Seed Production in Maize, 
7. Hybrid Seed Production in Maize, 
8. Seed Production in Paddy, 
9. Hybrid Seed Production in Paddy, 
10. Seed Production in Sorghum, 
11. Hybrid Seed Production in Sorghum, 
12. Seed Production in Pearl Millet, 
13. Seed Production in Cotton, 
14. Seed Production in Sunflower, 
15. Seed Production in Castor, 
Seed Production in Vegetables
16. Seed Production in Vegetables - Tomato, 
17. Seed Production in Vegetables - Chillies, 
18. Seed Production in Vegetables - Bhindi, 
19. Seed Production in Vegetables - Onion, 
20. Seed Production in Vegetables - Brinjal, 
21. Seed Production of Cucurbitaceous vegetables, 
22 Seed Certification, 
23. Seeds Act and Rules, 
24. Varietal identification, 
25Seed Drying, 
26. Seed Processing, 
27. Seed Treatment, 
28. Seed Storage, 
29. Seed marketing, 
30. Seed Pricing.

Breeding of Field and  Horticultural crops 

1. Breeding of Rice, 
2. Rice Varieties Released Using Different Breeding Techniques, 
3. Hybrid Rice Seed Production, 
4. Wheat, 
5. Maize, 
6. Sorghum, 
7. Finger millet, 
8. Pearl millet, 
9. Vagru (Kodo millet), 
10. Breeding of Pulses, 
11. Black Gram, 
12. Cow Pea, 
13. Oil Seeds - Ground Nut/Monkey Nut, 
14. Gingelly,  
15. Castor, 
16. Fibre Crops
a. Cotton,
b. Jute
17. Breeding Forage Crops 
a. Sugarcane, 
b. Sugar Beet, 
c. Potato 
18. Breeding Fruit Crops - Mango, Citrus, Guava, Amaranthus, Sapota
19. Breeding For Insects Resistance, 
20. Breeding For Disease Resistance, 
21. Breeding For Abiotic Stress Resistance, 
22. Breeding For Quality characters, 
23. Multiplication of seeds in a variety, 
24. Varietal Rundown and Renovation

Weeds and Weed Management

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AFU All Lectures Combined Class Note by Prof. Santosh Marahatta Sir - Click Here
AFU Complete Class Note, Summary - Click Here
15. Herbicides-Advantages and disadvantages,
Weed Identification with Photos - See PDF
Weed Names with Scientific Classification- See PDF

Water management including Micro irrigation 

1. Irrigation-Introduction and Importance, 
2. Role of Water in Plant Growth, 
3. Soil Water Movement
4. Soil Moisture Measurement
5. Moisture Extraction Pattern Of Crops, 
6. Crop water Requirement, 
7. Water requirement for different crops, 
8. Water budgeting, 
9. Water Use Efficiency, 
10. Agronomic Practices For Use Of Problem Water - Saline, Effluent, Sewage Water, 
11. Water Management For Problem Soils, 
12. Water Management Technology Options for Non-Rice Crops, 
13. Command Area Development, 
14. Water Logging And Field Drainage, 
15. Drip Irrigation And Fertigation, 
16. Sprinkler Irrigation, 
17. Plastic Mulching For Crop Production, 
18. Methods Of Irrigation - Suitability, Advantages And Limitations

Crop Pests and Stored Grain Pests  and their  Management 

1. Pest of rice, 
2. Pest of rice - 2, 
3. Pest of Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Finger Millet, 
4. Pest of Maize and Wheat, 
5. Pest of Pulses-Black gram, Green gram, Lablab, Cow pea, 
6. Pest of Red gram and Chick pea, 
7. Pests of Mango, 
8. Pests of Brinjal and Tomato, 
9. Pests of Coconut and Arecanut, 
10. Pests of Chillies and Peas
11. Pests of Cruciferous Vegetables, 
12. Pests of Tuber Vegetables, 
13. Pests of Amaranthus and Moringa, 
14. Pests of Pepper, Cardamom, Betelvine, 
15. Pests of Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric, 
16. Pests of Rose and Jasmine, 
17. Pests of Gingelly, Castor, Mustard and Linseed,
18. Pest of Oil Seeds-Ground Nut, Sunflower, Safflower, 
19. Stored grain Pests
20. Pests of Ornamental Plants.

Whole Book's PDF Files:-

1.Cereal Crops- See PDF Files
2.Commercial Crops- See PDF Files
3.Diseases and Management of Field Crops - See PDF 
4.Field Crops-1- See PDF 
5.Field Crops-2 - See PDF 
6.Practical Crop Production - See PDF 
7.Diseases and Management of Field Crops - See PDF 
8.Principles of Seed Technology - See PDF 
9.Water Management and Micro-Irrigation - See PDF 
10.Crop Disease and Their Management- See PDF Files
11.Principles of Agronomy and AgroMeterology-See PDF 
12.Renewable Energy- See PDF 
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