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Course Bulletin of BSc Ag, Veterinary, Forestry of AFU, TU and PU.

New Secondary Level Grade 11-12 Plant Science Curriculum- Click Here

1. B.Sc. Agriculture - AFU - See Bulletin
1. BB.Sc. Agriculture - TU Syllabus - See Bulletin
1. C. B.Sc. Agriculture - Far-Western University - See Bulletin
1. D. B.Sc Ag - Purbanchal University - See Bulletin 

2. B.Vs and A.H - AFU - See Bulletin
2. B. B.V.Sc and A.H. Purbanchal University - See Bulletin

3. B.Sc. Forestry AFU - See Bulletin
4. B.Sc. Forestry, TU - See Bulletin

5. B.Sc. Horticulture, TU - See Bulletin

6. PG Bulletin, AFU - See Bulletin
7. PG Bulletin, IAAS, TU - See Bulletin

8. BSc and MSc Microbiology, TU - See Course Syllabus

9. BSc Environmental Science - See Course Syllabus

AFU Semester Wise Syllabus
AFU 1st Semester: Click Here
AFU 2nd Semester: Click Here
AFU 3rd Semester: Click Here
AFU 4th Semester: Click Here
AFU 5th Semester: Click Here
AFU 6th Semester: Click Here
AFU 7th Semester: Click Here
AFU 8th Semester with LEE Sample Documents: Click Here

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