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AFU, 8th semester - All Subject's Practicals and Assignments

AFU 8th Semester Syllabus: Click Here

LEE Documents

AFU 5th Batch All Student Name List with their LEE SITE and Research Title in LEE: Click Here

AFU 5th Batch Presentation or Defense Seminar Date and All Students LEE Site List: Click Here
(Note: Presentation or Defense Seminar Date will be according to the Alphabetical Order of Major Supervisor. The students with Major Supervisor starting from Name 'A' will be in first and so on.)

AFU LEE Marks Pattern:
Total Marks: 375. 
1. 75 Marks from Site Supervisor, 
2. 60 Marks from Member Supervisor (20 for Mid-Term Report and 40 for Defense Presentation)
3. Remaining Marks, 240, from Major Supervisor.

AFU Defense Presentation Marks Pattern: Click Here

AFU Thesis Printing Guidelines: Click Here

1. Arrival Letter Sample 1: Click Here
1. B. Arrival Letter Sample 2: Click Here

2. Proposal Sample 1 (Action Research): Click Here
2. B. Proposal Sample 2 (Action Research): Click Here
2. C. Proposal Sample 3 (Survey, Social Research): Click Here
2. D. Proposal Sample 4 (Survey, Social Research): Click Here
2. E. Proposal Sample 5 (Survey, Social Research): Click Here
2. F. Proposal Sample 6 (Action Research): Click Here
2. G. Proposal Sample 7 (Survey, Social Research): Click Here
2. H. Proposal Sample 8 (Action Research): Click Here
2. I. Proposal Sample 9 (Action Research): Click Here
2. J. Proposal Sample 10 (Action Research): Click Here
2. K. Proposal Sample 11 (Action Research): Click Here

Other Proposal Samples
Proposal Sample 1: Click Here
Proposal Sample 2: Click Here
Proposal Sample 3: Click Here
Proposal Sample 4: Click Here
Proposal Sample 5: Click Here
Proposal Sample 6: Click Here
Proposal Sample 7: Click Here
Proposal Sample 8: Click Here
Proposal Sample 9: Click Here
Proposal Questionnaire Sample: Click Here

AFU 5th Batch All Students Proposals Collections: Click Here

3. POP Sample 1: Click Here
3.  B. POP Sample 2: Click Here
3. C. POP Sample 3: Click Here
3. D. POP Sample 4: Click Here
3. E. POP Sample 5: Click Here

4. Mid-Term Report Presentation Sample 1: Click Here
4. B. Mid-Term Report Presentation Sample 2: Click Here
4. C. Mid-Term Report Presentation Sample 3: Click Here
4. D. Mid-Term Report Presentation Sample 4: Click Here

5. Experience Letter Sample From LEE Site: Click Here
5. Experience Letter Editable Word File: Click Here

6. All Bill Documents Sample 1 Photos: Click Here
7. All Bill Documents Sample 2 Photos: Click Here
7. All Bill Documents Sample 3 Photos: Click Here

NOTE: Remember, Bill Verification Letter from the Site Supervisor is not compulsory. It's better if you made it but it's not a compulsion.

8. Departure Letter From LEE Site Sample 1: Click Here
9. Departure Letter From LEE Site Sample 2: Click Here

10. Attendance Report from LEE Site: Click Here

11. TA-DA Filling Sample Photos: Click Here

LEE DEFENSE Presentation Sample Files:-
1. Sample File 1 of Nabin Paudel: Click Here
2. Sample File 2: Click Here
3. Sample File 3: Click Here
4. Sample File 4: Click Here
5. Sample File 5: Click Here
6. Sample File 6: Click Here
7. Sample File 7: Click Here
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