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BVSc & A.H (Veterinary) and BSc Fisheries Entrance Exam Form Open Notice 2078/79.


Previously, the Veterinary & Fisheries Entrance Exam Date of AFU was scheduled on Chaitra 8 and the form filling deadline was Falgun 30.

Now it's been rescheduled. Now the form filling deadline is Chaitra 08 and the Entrance Exam date is Chaitra 12.

Summary of New Data:

Form Filling Deadline: Chaitra 08

Entrance Exam Date: Chaitra 12

Exam Time: 11 a.m.

Exam Venue: Rampur, Chitwan.

Key Date

Online Form Filling Date: From Falgun 13 toChaitra 08.
The form can be filled out online only.

Remaining Time to Fill Online Form:

The Entrance Exam form and Entrance Exam for Veterinary and Fisheries is same, no separate exams for these two Programs.

There will be a single Entrance Exam and you can choose either Both programs or only a single program to apply to!

Online form filling Website Link: Click Here (

You can also correct any Information, if wrong while filling Online form, by mailing it to AFU Helpline email  OR

Admit Card Distribution: Admit Card will be available online before 1-2 days of Entrance Exams.

Original Citizenship, Bank Voucher, and Admit Card must be taken to Exam Center for Entrance Exams.

Entrance Exam Date:  Chaitra 12, Saturday, at Veterinary Faculty, Chitwan.

Entrance Exam Center: The entrance Exam centre is not fixed not, it will be published later on but it will be in the Chitwan area in AFU and some other Schools or colleges around AFU in Chitwan. 
The entrance exam centre will be available in our App Help for Ag, keep checking the Entrance Notices & Results section for more updates.

Entrance Exam Result: Same day of Entrance Exam at night time around 11-11:30 p.m. 
(Both Result sheet and Merit list will be available in our Help For Ag App.) 

Merit List Publication for Admission: Merit List will be 100% Based on Entrance Exam score, published after 3-4 days of  Result Sheet Publication by AFU. 

प्रवेश परीक्षाको प्राप्ताङ्कलाई १००% अङ्क भार दिइनेछ । सोको आधारमा योग्यताक्रम (Merit List) को सूचि तयार गरी योग्यताक्रम (Merit) अनुसार नै विद्यार्थी भर्नाको लागि नामावली प्रकाशन गरिनेछ ।
अङ्क बराबर भएमा I.Sc./10+2 को कूल प्राप्ताङ्क (CGPA), सो पनि बराबर भएमा SEE/SLC को कूल प्राप्ताङ्क र सो पनि बराबर भएमा I.Sc./10+2 वोटानी, जुलोजी, केमेष्ट्री, फिजिक्स, गणितको प्राप्त अङ्कलाई आधार मानि योग्यताक्रम (Merit List) को सूचि तयार गरिनेछ ।

(Merit List too will only be available in Help for Ag App after a few minutes of Result Publication. So you can check in our App for Merit List on the same day of the Entrance Exam and Result Publication. AFU Publishes Merit List only after 3-4 days but it will available in the Help For Ag App on the same day of the Entrance Exam after Result publication.)

Eligibility to Apply!

(Click in the photo for details!)
1. Minimum 50 Percentage in Percentage System,
2. Minimum C Grade in each and every individual subject with sum of both Theory and Practical,
(If you have a lower grade than C like as D plus or D in Theory but you have C Grade in the sum of Theory and Practical then you are able to fill the form),
3. Overall Aggregate in Transcript must be C+ Grade,
4. Students studying Maths or Biology in class 11 and not studying these subjects in Class 12 can apply. One year study of Maths and Biology is enough to fill the form,
5. For subjects without Practical marks like Maths, you must obtain a C in the Written exam. If you have D or D Plus in Maths in Class 11, you can't apply. 
Class 12 math result doesn't matter, whatever marks or grade you have obtained or if you have studied or not.
6. Minimum C+ Grade in SEE.
If the form is filled without eligibility, the form will be disqualified and the student is not able to attend the entrance exam.

आवश्यक न्यूनतम शैक्षिक योग्यताः (In Nepali) 
SEE वा सो सरहको परीक्षामा कम्तीमा द्धितीय श्रेणी वा 'C'+ Grade मा उत्तीर्ण भई I. Sc. वा १०+२ विज्ञान, कृषि /पशु विज्ञान विषयमा प्राविधिक तह वा सो सरहको तहमा कम्तीमा १०० पूर्णाङ्कको अंग्रेजी, केमेष्ट्री, वायोलोजीमा कम्तीमा ५० पूर्णाङ्कको गणित र फिजिक्स विषय अध्ययन गरी कुल प्राप्ताङ्कको कम्तीमा ५०% अङ्क वा माथि उल्लेखित प्रत्येक विषयमा 'C' Grade का साथै कूल प्राप्ताङ्कमा 'C' + Grade प्राप्त गरी उत्तीर्ण भएको हुनुपर्नेछ । Theory र Practical दुवै भएको विषयको हकमा एकमुष्ट कम्तीमा 'C' Grade हुनुपर्नेछ।

Entrance Fee: NRs. 4000 only for Single programs either Veterinary or Fisheries and NRs 5000 for Choosing Both Programs(Non-Refundable)

If you deposit 5000 and select both programs while filling out the form, your name will be on the merit list of both programs and can choose which to study after the result. So better to fill out a form for both programs and choose one program to read after the result. 

Please mention your Name (Name of Entrance Candidates) in the place of 'Deposited by' of Bank Voucher.

Bank Information

Bank Name: Siddhartha Bank, Narayanghat Branch. 

(You can deposit the amount from any branch of Siddhartha Bank all over Nepal.)

Account Name: FAVF Entrance Examination.

Account Number: 00815264339     (००८१५२६४३३९

Clearly mention your Full name in the 'Deposited by' section of the Bank Voucher. 

Online Payment should be done from the Official AFU Website only.
एक मोबाईल नम्बरमा एक भन्दा बढी आवेदकको नाममा रकम जम्मा भएमा मान्य हुने छैन । अनलाईन माध्यमबाट esewa, connect IPS र Siddhartha Bank Smart बाट पनि रकम जम्मा गर्न सकिने छ।
फारम भर्ने को online payment link बाहेक अन्य माध्यमबाट आएका Online भुक्तानीहरु मान्य हुने छैन ।

Entrance Exam Question Pattern:-

Physics - 10,
Chemistry - 20, 
Botany - 20, 
Zoology - 20, 
English - 20, 
Maths - 10, 
Vet Related Questions - 14,
GK - 6.
No calculator 🖩🖩 allowed to use in the entrance exams.
Total -  120 Marks
Pass Marks -  60.
Time: 1.5 Hours
Also Practice: Online Lesson Wise MCQs

Merit List will be totally based on Entrance Score only. If the Entrance Score is the same, then Merit List be will be according to a GPA of +2 and SEE. 

(प्रवेश परीक्षाको प्राप्ताङ्क १००% अङ्क भार दिइनेछ । सोको आधारमा योग्यताक्रम (Merit List) को सूचि तयार गरी योग्यताक्रम (Merit List) अनुसार नै भर्नाको लागि नामावली प्रकाशन गरिनेछ। प्रवेश परीक्षाको उत्तीर्णाङ्क ५०% हुनेछ । अङ्क बराबर भएमा क्रमशः I.Sc./10+2 को कुल प्राप्ताङ्क (CGPA), र क्रमश: 12 कक्षाको प्राप्ताङ्क (GPA), 11 कक्षाको प्राप्ताङ्क (GPA), SEE/SLC मा प्राप्त अङ्कलाई आधार लिईनेछ।)

Also, Visit this for AFU BVSc & AH and BSc Fisheries Past Questions and Model Question set collections.

Total Seats Information

(Click in the photo for Best view)
Total Seats - 50 for Vet and 20 for BSc Fisheries.

UDF (Paying Seats) Fee Scheme - 4.5 Lakhs for Veterinary and 2.3 Lakhs for BSc Fisheries.

No Private colleges and UGC Seats of AFU for Vet and Fisheries Program.

Quota Documents Information

(Click in the photo for Best view)
छात्रा, अपाङ्ग, दलित, जनजाती, मधेसी, सहिद परिवार, द्वन्द पीडित, स्टाफ, स्थानिय कोटा र ७ प्रदेशका विद्यार्थीहरुका लागि केही कोटा छुट्टयाइएको छ । प्रादेशिक कोटामा भर्ना हुनका लागि सोही प्रदेशको नागरिकता र सोही प्रदेशको पूर्ण सरकारी अनुदानमा संचालित सामुदायिक माध्यमिक विद्यालयबाट SEE/SLC परीक्षा उत्तीर्ण गर्ने विद्यार्थीहरुलाई पहिलो प्राथमिकता दिइने हुँदा उक्त कोटामा भर्ना हुन इच्छुक भएमा आवेदकले आफूले SEE/SLC उत्तीर्ण गरेको विद्यालय पूर्ण सरकारी अनुदान प्राप्त सामुदायिक विद्यालय भएको व्यहोरा सहितको सम्बन्धित जिल्ला शिक्षा समन्वय समितीको सिफारिश पत्र online आवेदन दिदा नै संलग्न गर्नुपर्नेछ र भर्ना हुन आउदा उक्त सिफारिस पत्र सक्कलै पेश गर्नुपर्नेछ । अन्यथा त्यस्ता आवेदन फारम उपर कुनै कार्वाही हुनेछैन् । त्यस्ता विद्यार्थीहरुको संख्या अपुग भएमा मात्र अन्य विद्यार्थीहरुलाई योग्यताक्रमको आधारमा निर्धारित कोटामा भर्ना लिइने छ ।
छात्रा कोटा र प्रादेशिक कोटा बाहेक अन्य कोटामा भर्ना हुन इच्छुकहरुले प्रवेश परीक्षा उत्तीर्ण हुने मध्य B. V. Sc. & A. H. र B. Sc. Fisheries तहको लागि निम्नानुसारको निकायको प्रमाण सहितको तोकिएको ढाँचामा नियमानुसार आवेदन दिनु पर्नेछ । अपाङ्ग कोटामा विद्यार्थी भर्ना हुनका लागि अपाङ्गको ग्रेडिङ्ग अनुशार प्राथमिकता दिइने छ ।

Prepare Quota Documents if you want to Apply in Quota Seats. Sample Photos of Quota Documents are given below.

AFU Fee Structure for Different seats

1. Merit - Full Scholarship Seats - NRs. 6500 per semester and 70,000 for Full course. It provides free Hostel rooms. Hostel food costs about NRs. 6000 per month.
Also, AFU provides NRs. 3000 to Top 80 Students (50% Students) in Internal Exam of All semesters.
2. Quota Seats - Same as Merit Scholarship seats.
3. UDF/CDF Seats - NRs. 4.5 lakhs for 4 years in Two Installments and an additional of NRs. 5000 per semester for Vet and 2.3 Lakhs for BSc Fisheries.

Also, AFU Government Campuses provides Free Educational Tours and NRs. 400 per day as pocket money during tour time.

Online Form Filling Tips:

1. Fill out the form from Laptop, Don't take risks from filling in Mobile. It may show an error in the end.

2. Make a ready Printer before filling out the form, you have to print the Confirmation Page after completing the process of filling out the online form. It will appear at the end of filling the form after successfully filling the form. 

3. Make all the required documents ready before filling out the form.

4. Bank Deposit amount in Non-refundable. So don't make errors while depositing amounts in the bank. Keep Bank Voucher safe till the day of Admission.

Documents Required :

  • Scanned copy of Bank Voucher,
  • MRP Standard Photo,
  • Nepali Citizenship Certificate,
  • SLC/SEE Marksheet,
  • Transcript & 11 Marksheet
  • Reservation - Quota Certificate (If applicable).

For full Information, Click Here.

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