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BSc Ag Mid-Western University 2078 Session 1st Admission List for Scholarship and Paying Seats.

The 1st Admission List of BSc Ag in Mid-Western University for Open Scholarship Seats, Quota Scholarship Seats, and Paying Seats is published now.

Admission Deadline for 1st List: Till Falgun 5.

if the students do not get admitted till Falgun 5, then the 2nd Admission list is published and other students will get a chance.

Note: You need to verify your documents in the college with all the original documents. So take all the original documents with you during the time of admission.

Fee Structure: 50 Thousand for Full Scholarship Students and Around 6 Lakhs for Paying Seats for Full Course study.

1st Admission List of BSc Ag in MWU is in the photos below:

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