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BSc Forestry, IOF, TU 2078 Entrance Exam OFFICIAL Merit List.

The OFFICIAL Merit List is published now of BSC Forestry, IOF, TU 2078 Entrance Exams.

OFFICIAL Merit List: Click Here to Download

The Admission Form for Pokhara Campus, Hetauda Campus and KAFCOL Campus along with the MOE Scholarship form for KAFCOL Campus will soon open within a few days.
We will post all the notices here in our Help For Ag App. Keep checking the App daily and do not miss any notices else you may lose your seat if not admitted in the given time.

How the Admission process continues in IOF Campuses after the Merit List is published?

There are 2 government campuses of BSc Forestry, IOF, TU and 1 Private campus in Kathmandu as KAFCOL.

After the Merit List is published, you need to fill the form again in IOF for the Admission Process. So now for admission, you need to fill the form college wise. If you want to study at Hetauda Campus, then fill out the Admission form for Hetauda Campus and the same for the Pokhara campus. If you want to study on either campus, you can fill out the form for both campuses.

You should fill out the admission form either if you want to study on a scholarship or paying (capacitation) seats. The form charge for filling the Admission form is around 100 for each campus. Most probably, the Admission form will also be an ONLINE form.

Then once the Admission form date is closed, the Admission List of both campuses will be published. If any student is admitted to 1 Campus, then his name won't be published for admission to another campus. The fee for Capacitation or Paying seats is NRs. 3.15 Lakhs and you need to pay NRs. 1.57 Lakhs during the time of Admission.

Also, you can study in KAFCOL in scholarship seats from MOE Nepal Government Scholarship Seats for Private colleges. You can apply for MOE Scholarship seats of KAFCOl if you pass the BSc Forestry IOF TU Entrance Exams.

We will post further notices in the Help For Ag App for Admission, keep checking the App.
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