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BSc Fisheries Study in Nepal: College List offering BSc Fisheries Program with Total Seats, Total Scholarship Seats and Paying Seats Information.

BSc Fisheries is a 4-year program, it is the new program started a few years ago in Nepal.

BSc Fisheries Program is offered in Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan under Veterinary Department. It is only a single College for the BSc Fisheries course in Nepal. There are a total of 20 seats for this program currently per year.

List 1: Total Seats, Total Open or General Scholarship seats, Total Quota Reservation Scholarship Seats, and Paying Seats for BSc Fisheries Program in AFU, Rampur, Chitwan per year.

S.N. Seat Type Total Seats Number
1 Total Available Seats 20
2 Total Open (General) Scholarship Seats 7
3 Total Quota Reservation Scholaship Seats 5
4 Total Paying or UDF Seats 8

List 2: All the Seat Type Details for BSc Fisheries Program in AFU Rampur Chitwan.

S.N. Seat Type Total Seats Number
1 Open Merit Scholarship Seats 7
2 Dalit 1
3 Madhesi 1
4 Dwanda Pidit / Sahid Pariwar 1
5 Apanga 1
6 Female 1
7 Local UDF or Paying Seat 2
8 Staff Half Paying Seats 1
9 General Paying or UDF Seats 5

The fee for Paying or UDF Seats for BSc fisheries in AFU is around 2.8 lakhs for the Full 4-year course.

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